Oil palm stories

'Deer cow' in an oil palm plantation in JambiWelcome to my website “Into the Field”! The main topic of this site is smallholder oil palm farming in Indonesia. Below you can find the links to the different stories. The latest posts can also be found under the ‘recent posts’ header on the right side of the screen. For stories about different topics, please navigate the pages in the top menu. Enjoy the reading, and feel free to leave any comments you would like to share.

Post 9: Some early results (14 December 2015)
Post 8: PIPOC 2015 (10 October 2015)
Post 7: Pest management by smallholders (10 May 2015)
Post 6: Smallholders and the RSPO (12 April 2015)
Post 5: The RSPO (29 March 2015)
Post 4: My experiments (15 March 2015)
Post 3: Sustainable intensification in oil palm plantations (8 March 2015)
Post 2: Fresh oil, old oil (1 March 2015)
Post 1: Background (22 February 2015)


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