BLZ_5114cropped My name is Lotte Woittiez. I’m a Dutch PhD student from Wageningen University, working on smallholder oil palm farming in Indonesia. I started my PhD at the Plant Production Systems group in February 2013, and since then I’ve spent about 15 months in Indonesia, mostly in the field.

The site Into The Field is my personal blog, on which I post stories about my work and adventures in Indonesia. I created this site because I like to share what I see and do, but also because I would like to provide a nuanced perspective on oil palm farming. My stories come from the field, where I work with oil palm smallholders who are successfully cultivating this crop and who are interested in improving their activities.

The blog is very new, so the number of stories is still small. In the future, I hope to expand and to include other types of stories, such as discussions of news or scientific articles.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome!

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  1. alan says:


    I have 1000 oil palm trees in north east Thailand.

    They are not that great at the present time.

    I want to chat to anyone who has an oil palm plantation.

    • lotte@intothefield.nl says:

      Hi Alan,

      Sorry for the slow response. I’d recommend that you try to talk with plantation owners that are from the same area as where you are from, because the weather (especially the dry season in Thailand) and the soil really make a difference. You could also have a look at the handbooks that we published recently, or at the handbook of Rankine and Fairhurst (1999) on mature oil palms, which can be ordered via IPNI. I hope this helps!

      Cheers, Lotte

  2. Hoi Lotte,

    Leuk een WordPress site. Let op je moet hem nog wel hackersproof maken. Ik kan makkelijk bij de admin pagina. (http://intothefield.nl/wp-login.php). Hiervoor heb je een goede plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/protect-wp-admin/

    Hartelijke groet

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